About us

PNP Singapore is a supply chain solutions partner for enterprises, specializing in indirect procurement. We provide an end-to-end solution combining 2 key areas: procurement SaaS and Supply chain capability.

We are founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and experienced professionals with decades of experience scaling companies especially in the procuremnt SaaS and supply chain space. PNP has a proven this model in parts of Asia and is now looking to bring our solutions globally to solve the problematic indirect procurement processes for more enterprises.


Our vision is to enable enterprises and supply partners to digitize their process to achieve a smart supply chain ecosystem globally.

What we do:

Offers a suite of saas tools to digitize and manage your entire procurement process.

Complement our SaaS capability with our supply chain capability in indirect categories. Through these, PNP helps to streamline your indirect procurement process to achieve cost optimization and higher productivity.

How our ecosystem works:
PNP will build and leverage our network of suppliers to support enterprises globally
Digitization of the supply chain to enable smart manufacturing