Supply chain

PNP covers over 90% of all indirect procurement categories via our supply chain network of over 20K partners regionally. Key categories we cover include business printing ( books, marketing materials, POSM, posters, banners etc) and customized gifts/products.



Of supply chain operating experience helping clients optimize cost and implement process improvements



Customer base across global enterprises in multiple industries including many Fortune 500



Raised in total to enable digitization of supply chain in Southeast Asia and the world.



Network partners in our global ecosystem building one of the most powerful supply chain globally

Procurement SaaS

PNP builds internal procurement system for large group companies. PNP Procurement SaaS could provide users with procurement solutions to meet the needs of enterprise customers for one-stop delivery of non-standard products, and resolve key common pain points such as scattered business needs, high price, diversified supplier selection and transaction reconciliation.

1. Digitize: Customized procurement mall

Your own customized procurement mall where various team members can easily find their required sku and place an order fully via this platform.

2. Digitize: SPU management

Standardization tool to manage skus with high degree of customization

3. Digitize: Order management & tracking visibility