Case Study I:


Our system helped to enable centralized management of procurement providing visibility for enterprises with multiple business lines

This facilitates better controls as well as compliance.

Alibaba:Centralized management of procurement

Case Study II:

Cai Niao

PNP has been a long time partner of Cainiao, providing them 7 years of reliable supply of carton boxes. Proven capability to support them through peak sale period as well as high growth years.

Cai Niao:Supply chain+SaaS implementation

Case Study III:


Provide services:Group-wide administration marketingMarketing scene customization

  • Long procurement process and numerous vendor to manage due to the nature of long tail items.
  • Order fragmentation resulting in duplicated actions across offices and higher cost.
  • Non-trackable and manual approval and settlement process.

15% cost savings

30% improved productivity

  • One click purchase access to thousands of long tail items and a single vendor to manage.
  • Consolidated order for company wide procurement enabled by our integrated supply chain. This reduces cost and eliminates duplication of effort across teams.
  • Fully trackable procurement flow with our SaaS tools enabling online approval as well as bulk settlement reducing time spent on manual processes.

ByteDance:Process streamline+Cost savings